You failed the common sense test

As it turns cold, I am amazed to see people bundle up with hats, scarves, gloves, and heavy coats just so they can go outside and smoke. I am thankful they cannot smoke inside the office building - but, I still have to smell them when one gets on the elevator with me.

And, I am perplexed when I am at a stoplight and glance over to see someone with their car window cracked just enough to fit their hand through...the hand that is holding a cigarette. A few times a minute they bring their hand back in the car, take a puff, and then stick it back out the window again.

When I look at smokers, and the insane things they do to "enjoy" something that has no positive benefits and is highly likely to - one day - be responsible for their death, I come to the stark realization that they are stupid. I have no respect for them, I do not want to talk or interact with them, and I wish they could all be relegated to an island so I don't have to smell them in confined spaces, walk through their second-hand smoke, or look at their litter.