Do you hate fat people?

No, I try not to hate anyone. But to ignore this growing epidemic does no good for anyone. The bottom-line is that people have become lazy and addicted to fast-food and overeating, and it will end up hurting us all in the long-run. It will be painful to watch your friends and loved ones become disabled and sick over something that is 100% within their control. And if all of your friends and loved ones are thin and in shape (very unlikely), it will still affect you as medical costs skyrocket in order to accommodate those who cannot control themselves.

If you question that being fat is turning into an epidemic, take the time to observe the number of fat people around you the next time you are in a store or a restaurant, or any public place. If you haven't already done so, you will be amazed. A lack of discipline, easy access to unhealthy food (and A LOT of it), and no common sense are leading your fellow-man down the path to morbid obesity. 

Pretty soon overweight will be the new skinny, and severely overweight will be commonplace.