We should let stupid people make decisions

It appears we already do:

New version of Huckleberry Finn - without the "n-word"

Roger Ebert, however, is the voice of reason:

Is 2011 the year?

The year that we make the distinction between disabled and fat?

Probably not.

Five Rules For Life

I often get "your blog is very negative", and "you only focus on the bad things in life".

I disagree, but in the spirit of positivity, I wanted to refer everyone to a site that is motivational, uplifting, and educational. Go visit "Five Rules For Life"...who knows, I may even submit my "Five Rules" one day!

This website represented in a picture

I have had several people email me this work of art over the past few months. It seems to represent the craziness that we discuss here in one, simple picture.

If you know who created this, please let me know so I can give proper credit.

Note the simplistic brilliance:
  • Fast food
  • God reference (God bless AMERICA reference, because America...as you all know...is his chosen country)
  • Litter
  • A morbidly obese person on a scooter
  • Oil stains from a huge, gas-guzzling SUV (ok, I am assuming)
The only thing missing is cigarette butts, or the morbidly obese person smoking a cigarette himself! I'll let that slide though, because the artist put the central figure in a superhero costume which is thought-provoking.

Well done!

Jesus died so you can shop!

I don't believe in god, jesus, or the story.

But, even with that said, I do know that "the reason for the season" is certainly lost on most of the followers.

Banksy nailed the hypocrisy:

Merry Christmas - go forth and spend money on meaningless, material possessions to celebrate your savior!

Selfishness and stupidity, rolled into a ball

People never cease to amaze me. This story reinforces the stereotypes that we talk about on this blog. No doubt most of these people were fat, smoking a cigarette, and on their way to the closest McDonald's. With a Jesus fish on the back of their automobile.


Opening of U.S. 69 ramp in Overland Park delayed months

Very bad news today for drivers who use U.S. 69 through Overland Park.

If you hoped the northbound ramp to 87th Street would open any time soon, forget it. You’re in for a lengthy wait.

State highway officials say they don’t expect it to open until this spring after several cars plowed through the construction zone and sunk in a concrete quagmire in the early evening hours of Dec. 3.

Workers were getting ready to open the ramp on Dec. 15. Now highway officials say it won’t reopen until spring 2011. The ramp has been closed since last August.

Engineers at the Kansas Department of Transportation have determined that a 1,200-foot section of the ramp on the Overland Park/Lenexa border was damaged when perhaps as many as 10 cars tried to cut through the work zone where concrete was poured.

KDOT said a car and an SUV had driven around the traffic barricades onto the newly poured ramp. The car got stuck at the top of the ramp and the SUV became stuck in the middle of the ramp. KDOT said the case has been referred to Overland Park prosecutors.

Construction crews poured 12 inches of concrete pavement for the ramp on Dec. 3and left the construction site at about 6:30 p.m. KDOT says the construction crews put traffic control devices in place signaling the ramp was closed.

The timing couldn’t be worse for getting the work completed since we’re moving into the heart of winter when weather can impede the work.

The 87th Street ramp is part of an $82 million project to widen U.S. 69 to three lanes in each direction from Interstate 35 to Interstate 435. The project is funded mostly with federal stimulus money.

Jesus Claus