Do you hate god?

It is hard to "hate" something that doesn't exist. But, I certainly don't believe in the fairy tales of religion any more than I believe in Santa Claus or The Great Pumpkin. When you ask "do you hate god", my response is which one? There have been thousands of gods throughout history. You choose to dismiss all of them, except one. So in essence we are not that different - you believe anyone else who worships another god is crazy...I think that as well, I just include you in the same category.

People often ask why I don't believe in the god of the old and new testament. The answer is simple - I have read the bible. If you actually take the time to read the bible (and not just listen to the "hand-picked" verses your church leader selects for Sunday discussion), I have no doubt that all but the most bull-headed of you will come to the same conclusion that I have - it is ancient mythology that is oudated, antiquated, and wielded by those in power to control the masses. Seriously, read it - after all, you are basing your life and core beliefs on it. It defies logic and common sense, and if you take an unbiased look you will see it is a hate-filled book of craziness.

If you are interested in studying what the bible really says, I recommend this book.